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"Food" - A Reflection

“Food” has always been an enigma and the war between healthy eating and giving in to culinary cravings has been like a flip flop between an inconsolable tragedy and rib-tickling comedy.

History has been witness, our cravings most often have had the last laugh. In the craziness called “life’ it is the moments of freedom like reaching out for the bar of chocolate, drinking in a heart full of aroma before you take the first sip of coffee, slurping the wobbly end of the tea dipped biscuit, the crunch and bite of the chilli potato chip, the sinful dip of vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce a divine tango and millions of such expressions define our life.

Do we “live to eat’ or “eat to live”??? is like unravelling the mystery of the “chicken and egg”, the enigma lives on....

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