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Desi Diet - Health Mix Puttu,Puttu - Ladoo.

Desi Diet - Health Mix Puttu

Ingredients :

Desi Diet - Health Mix

Coconut Gratings

Preparation :

Step 1 : Take required amount of Desi Diet - Health Mix sprinkle water and wet the powder (powdery wet consistency) as shown below

Step 2 : Cook the above mixture in a Puttu maker along with coconut gratings to make delicious Health Mix Puttu.Tastes best with Kadla Curry.

Step 3 :To make a sweet variant mix the Health Mix puttu with nuts roasted in ghee and country jaggery.(same recipe can be used for all our Puttu Mixes and Ragi Malt Mix)

The Above mixture can be served as LADOOS also. Kids will love them.

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