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Meals without Screens

Meals without screens

So often do we come across parents who keep an Ipad in front of their toddler so as to distract the child and eat to the mother's content. We spoon feed the child which in itself is robbing the child of his/ her ability to know when they feel satiated. A few years later we see the same child grown up into his teens and feeding himself with whatever is on the plate (which he/ she hardly notices) and munches away mindlessly. Why blame the kids ,even as adults, many of us find it a way of unwinding to have dinner watching ones favorite TV series.

The issues with this pattern of eating is that we forget to appreciate the taste, texture and flavor of the food. Secondly, we fail to sense the subtle signal of satiety our stomach gives us and end up overeating.

Instead lets try to sit with our food with a sense of gratitude and thank all the people involved in bringing the food to our table, appreciate the goodness and see the wonders of how differently the same food nourishes both our body a

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