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Desi Diet - Vegetarian Omelette Mix

THE DESI DIET VEGETARIAN OMELETTE MIX - Can be used in atleast 3 different ways :

1.. Vegetarian Omelette

2. Dhokla

3. Bajji




Desi Diet Vegetarian Omelette Mix,

Onion,Green Chilly,Coriander Leaves,Colored Bell Peppers (Optional) Salt,Water..


STEP 1 :.Mix the Desi Diet Vegetarian Omelette with water to omelette, like that of Adai Dosa.(Thick) to make a batter.

STEP 2 :Chop Onion,Green Chilly,Bell Peppers,Apple Tomato and Coriander Leaves in to fine pieces and mix with the batter add some salt along with vegetables.(The Mix already has added salt, mix just enough salt for vegetables added)

STEP 3 : Heat the Tawa and add some oil.Now pour the Veg.Omelette batter as you would make an egg omelette (Like Adai Dosa)..THE BATTER HAS TO BE POURED DO NOT SPREAD WITH A LADLE.

STEP 4 : Cook on both sides using required cooking oil.Your

Vegetarian Omelette is ready.



Desi Diet Vegetarian Omelette Mix,

Green Chilly,Coriander Leaves,Mustrad Seeds Eno Fruit Salt,Curd,Cooking oil,Water..


STEP 1 :

MIx Desi Diet Vegetarian Omelette Mix,Chopped Green Chilly,Coriander Leaves,,Curd (1 to 2 Table Spoons) ,Cooking oil in a bowl

STEP 2 :Add water to the above mixture to bring to consistency of Idli Batter.

STEP 3 :Take two separators of a pressure cooker.Fill the lower separator with water.Grease the inside of second separator with cooking oil,and add the batter, to this add the fruit salt ENO and place it on top of the first separator, close the lid.Pressure cook for 25 to 30 minutes without the pressure cooker "Weight".(ie.,has to be cooked in steam)

STEP 4 :After Cooking let the contents cool for 10 minutes.Use a spoon of knife to loosen the edge of the dhokla and bring the separator upside down on a plate.

Seasoning : Heat oil in a pan,add mustard seeds,Finely chopped green chilly and coriander leaves.Add 2 teaspoon of water to this after 2 minutes and spread it evenly on the Dhokla.Now the Dhokla is ready.



Desi Diet Vegetarian Omelette Mix,


Chilly Powder,Asafoetida


Add chilly powder and a pinch of asafoetida to the Desi Diet Vegetarian omelette mix.Add water and bring to Bajji batter consistency.

STEP 2 :

Slice the Onion,Capsicum and potato to circular shapes,dip in the batter and deep fry in cooking oil.

STEP 3 :

Hot Bajji's are ready


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