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Mindful Breathing

“When life is foggy, path is unclear, and mind is dull, remember to breathe, it has the power to give you the peace, it has the power to resolve the unsolved equations of life.”

- Amit Ray

Breathing like blood circulation, digestion, reproduction... is the domain of the undefined, the subconscious, the ethereal; the describe and define it would be meaningless. Your breath is your life-line, without it you cease, you cannot control it, direct it, hold it or do anything with it for long, but you can watch it, feel it, experience the magic of life dwelling in you...welcome to the world of mindful breathing.

It’s an easy sport just follow the directions...Stop now!!! Close your eyes and Watch your breath....

However, here’s what you can do make it mindful...

Speak to your breath, it lives in you....Colour it with brilliance as it travels through you, it will create magic...Let it flow in you, it will fill you with happiness...Let it flow out of your body, fill it with goodness it will enrich someone else...and above all..

.Let it heal you, it has the power of life...

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