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Mindful Eating

Engage your senses... Feel the fragrance, smell the warmth, see the sweetness, touch the sizzle...train your mind to be aware and food will become a companion for your soul.

What to eat, when to eat and how to eat knowledge is available in plenty and you can tweak the combinations to suit your taste, shape & size, personality and also your purse but being completely aware of the stuff your put in your mouth is unique only to you.

Mindful eating bridges the gap between food and health, being aware of what you are eating, how it tastes & smells, its journey from the mouth to your gut, your feelings, your emotions when you are at it and how your body reacts to the food is what will create the moments of magic.

The next time you want to pop something into your mouth, take this trip and when you truly experience the connect, the ecstasy of oneness, you will in that instant ...awaken the foodie in you...

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