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Our periodic “Reality Checks” show that we have scored very high on our philosophical commitments and every initiative has been subjected to this philosophical “Litmus test” before commencement and this has started bearing fruit in recent times. As an organization we have progressed from the experimental phase into the evolutionary phase, our “Ground Up” philosophy through building an “Agri-Culture” stands very strong, supporting each of our initiatives like the proverbial “Back Bone”.


Our asset base in terms of land bank and other resources ensures that every rupee invested is silently working for us in the background. We have metamorphosed from a “Producer” to a “Social Enterprise” bringing in every aspect of our “living” right from, our physical, mental and spiritual health to the habits we form and our relationship with our environment especially “The Earth” under our “Philosophical Lens.” This transformation has evolved from our original intent to “Make a Difference” and “Give back.”


The recent past has seen us move from the traditional “Agri-Based” approach to a more holistic “Wellness” approach and we have aligned our products, services and our marketing initiatives to strengthen this approach.


Our retail presence at “Ras al-Khaimah - UAE” is indicative of our global thrust, “Desi-Diet” our fully functional E-commerce platform  (  and the 8.5 acreSusthiti Niketan -Wellness Village” at Attapadi, Kerala are just some of the powerful initiatives we have been driving in recent years. Our partnership and contributions to the “Puvidham”  ( cause, our corporate and institutional “Out-reach” programs are triggering a “Social awareness” among people.


In summary, our path till date has been “Progressive” and our outlook has been “Positive” and as an enterprise the future seems like a really exciting space to be in.

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