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Desi Diet Banana Granola is a wholesome and nutritious blend carefully crafted to
provide a delightful and nourishing breakfast or snack option. Packed with an abundance of beneficial ingredients,this granola offers a balanced mix of whole grains, almonds, and seeds. With whole grains, including oats and millets,it delivers a rich source of dietary fiber, promoting healthy digestion and aiding in maintaining stable blood sugarlevels.


The addition of almonds lends a dose of healthy fats, essential for supporting brain function and heart health.Furthermore, the inclusion of watermelon and pumpkin seeds adds a punch of protein, contributing to muscle repairand overall satiety.

Moreover, the granola's dried fruits, such as cranberries and black raisins, provide natural sweetness and a burst ofantioxidants and vitamins, bolstering the body's immune system and promoting glowing skin. What sets this granola apart is its unique baking process, where real banana pulp is incorporated, adding a luscious and flavorful twist toevery bite.


Bananas are renowned for their high potassium content, crucial for regulating blood pressure and musclefunction.Desi Diet Banana Granola is not only a delicious treat but also a well-rounded source of vital nutrients. It fuels thebody with energy, aids in digestion, supports heart health, and provides an array of essential vitamins and minerals. Whether enjoyed with yogurt, milk, or simply as a crunchy on-the-go snack, this granola is a delightful and health-conscious choice for individuals seeking a tasty way to boost their overall well-being.

Banana Granola with Milllets and Honey 400gms

₹350.00 Regular Price
₹300.00Sale Price
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